777 Sainte-Catherine St.
Montreal, QC H3B 1C8
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Jack J. Sitt
This property epitomizes the luxury of Montréal’s most elite district
frontage on sainte-catherine street and McGill College Avenue
Why this location?

Unparalleled location

At the crossroads of the commercial and business sectors of Montréal lies Sainte-Catherine Street, the primary area of luxury retail throughout the city. Having been the home of all prominent department stores in Canada since the early 1960s, Sainte-Catherine Street is still prevalent with luxury retailers, shopping centers and other commercial buildings. 777 Sainte-Catherine St. is a beautifully constructed historic building in the middle of one of the most prominent thoroughfares of Montreal.

Heavily Trafficked Shopping District

One of the premier areas of Downtown Montreal, Sainte-Catherine Street has long been sought out for shopping and perusing. Stretching 15 kilometers across the city, the street is the pride of Montréal, renowned for its retail. It is not only a major access road for the rest of the city, but a major destination for locals and tourists. 

High-Density Trade Area

Public transport is served by a network of buses, subways and commuter trains including The Metro, Canada’s biggest public transportation network with 68 stations and four subway lines. 

Excellent Retail Opportunity

With three floors above grade and two levels below, 777 Sainte-Catherine St. is currently leased to Banana Republic. With 20,000 SF of retail space and 6,000 SF of office space, the property epitomizes the luxury of Montréal’s most elite district.

Leasing Agent: Jack J. Sitt