The central tenet of Thor Equities’ investment strategy is identifying underperforming yet fundamentally sound properties in vibrant urban marketplaces and executing a site specific action plan designed to maximize the property’s value at every level. Well-networked across a diverse group of industry stakeholders and geographically nimble, Thor Equities delivers quick closings and smart redevelopments keeping a steady eye on significantly enhancing investment returns and tenant satisfaction. Thor manages both institutional and non-institutional capital both of which are immediately deployable for investment.

“One of the most special things about Thor Equities is our integration of so many different processes that are so integral to the investment of real estate. We’re a platform with many legs that work together to create synergy to maximize value for our investors, partners, community, and associates”
Joseph J. Sitt – CEO Thor Equities

Thor’s investment strategy is well suited to deliver strong returns across a variety of assets provided the fundamentals of the underlying asset meet its initial benchmarks for quality and pricing. Well-located properties available at discounts to their replacement cost are particularly attractive candidates for redevelopment. In stabilized assets, returns are further enhanced due to the income appreciation generated by the destiny in urban markets. Although Thor primarily seeks out prime urban properties and suburban properties in affluent areas, high growth locales with demonstrated pent up demand are considered as well.

Investments are acquired through a variety of means including direct purchase, acquisition of a property owning entity purchase of a property’s mortgage in foreclosure or bankruptcy, and joint venture. Thor Equities eschews a one size fits all investment approach in favor of a property-specific tailored plan. One of Thor Equities’ greatest strengths is its ability to move quickly by recognizing value and closing the deal—a result of its comprehensive real estate expertise and ready access to capital. Thor Equities interdisciplinary approach merges teams of asset management, leasing, development and transactional professionals that work together to create real estate opportunities and solutions.